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Our story

In 1994, Pastor Pedro Barbosa Júnior began work in the city of Worcester, the new church was a congregation in Framingham, under the direction of Pastor Judson de Oiveira. Difficult beginning, very few members to name a few, brother Levi Silva and family and sister Luiza Nascimento. To make things more difficult, Pastor Junior lived in Framingham, which made it difficult for Brazilian families who resided in Worcester to visit.

A few months after it opened, Pastor Junior gave up on Worcester and went back to cooperating in Framingham, his home church. Approximately one year after the work was interrupted, another Framingham worker, this time the then Presbyter Luiz Carlos, now a pastor, decided to reopen the work in Worcester.

At that time, the Framingham church was under the direction of Pastor Geziel Nunes Gomes, despite all the efforts of the new pastor, the problems persisted and were similar to those of the previous worker, even because the new pastor also lived in Framingham, less than six months of restart, Pastor Luiz decided to stop serving Worcester, this he did with the consent of Pastor Divoncir de Jesus, new pastor of Framingham, who had taken over that church in those days.

It was not only Pastor Júnior and Pastor Luiz who started the work of the Assemblies of God in Worcester. A few years before these, two other pastors at different times, opened churches and gave up, which made that brothers of other evangelical denominations came to claim that God had no purpose with the Assemblies of God in Worcester, they forgot those that God has a set time for all things, Ecc 3:1, and it is God Himself who gives growth and not man, I Cor 3:6, the former pastors who passed through Worcester did not work in vain, every prayer, every tear poured out, every dedication, every effort expended is before God, and on that Great Day, God will give the reward to all who have labored for Him in spirit and in truth.

While for some Worcester was a city of difficult penetration of the Gospel, for others Worcester was a city very receptive to the good news of salvation; and that's what happened to the then Presbyter, today Pastor, Silvino Radke and his family.

Pastor Silvino congregated with Pastor José Carlos Goulart, in Marlboro, and began to pay visits to some evangelical families in Worcester who were not congregating.

On one of these visits, in November 1996, he met the family of Sister Luiza Nascimento, who had previously congregated with Pastor Júnior, and from then on began having a Saturday afternoon meeting of the Prayer Circle at the house of this servant. God.

After meeting for a few Saturdays, the number of brothers began to become significant, which led Pastor Silvino to look for a temple to rent, because Sister Luiza's house had become small.

After going through various places looking for a temple, God prepared a church at 73 Canterbury Street, Worcester-MA, and in February 1997, the first service to God could be held, no longer in a residence, but in a temple, where he remained there until April 30, 2004. “… and I named you, that you might go and bear fruit, and your fruit abide…” Jn 15 : 16.

That's what God did, Pastor Silvino Radke arrived in Worcester, despite the struggles and difficulties, God has blessed the work of his hands, and the temple at number 73 became small, it was necessary once again, Pastor Silvino to go out in search to buy a bigger temple, after several attempts, Pastor Silvino understood that it was not time for God, Worcester had its own temple and on May 2, 2004 the first service was held, although still rented, in a larger space and better, this one now at number 91 on the same street, Canterbury Street.

The blessings of God did not stop there, this time Pastor Silvino did not need to go looking for a new place, which seemed impossible God acted kindly and transformed the church in Worcester under the leadership of Pastor Silvino Radke, from tenant to owner, to the Glory of the Lord Jesus.

On August 4, 2008, at 7:45 pm at the temple's headquarters, at 91 Canterbury Street in the city of Worcester –MA, the purchase and sale agreement was signed, where the sellers were present: Mr. Bradford R. Martin Jr., and on behalf of the buyers: Silvino Radke – Pastor President, Silvano Radke – co-pastor, Genuino Nantes - Treasurer, Levi H. Silva – Secretary.

The church marches triumphantly as it is under the command of the Great General. Pastor Silvino and his workers have been striving to proclaim the full gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“And I say this: That he who sows sparingly will also reap; and he who sows in abundance in abundance will also reap.

As it is written: spread, gave to the poor, his justice remains forever.

Now he who gives seed to the sower and bread to eat will also multiply your seed and increase the fruits of your righteousness;" 2 Color 9: 6,9 and 10

The church in Worcester has taken the spiritual bread, without neglecting the physical and material areas.

In the area of missions, he has helped native missionaries in Guinea Bissau, Africa, giving them the Word of God and physical food to be distributed to those in need. In Brazil, in the Northeast region it has taken the Word of God and physical food, in the State of Paraná it has taken the Gospel in schools through literacy.

And many other projects will soon be announced in the spiritual area, as well as in the social area

“In God We Will Make Prowess” Ps 60: 12


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Our Mission


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