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A united team working behind the scenes so that the message of Christ can be conveyed in all media  

    Of Latin origin, the term “communication” (communis) means “to make common” to all. This is the essence of the ministry's mission: transmitting, informing the church about facts, events and activities.
      The mission commitment determined by the Ministry of Communication makes its main objective to serve the Church.   And aiming for a broader integration between the other sectors of the Church, this ministry starts to serve as an advisory directly connected to the pastorate and other ministry leaders.
      The Ministry of Communication developed as a legal instrument of the Church to be part of the evangelistic mission. This is made possible with the use of various tools such as live services broadcast, social media posts and radio programming.
      The areas of: Graphic Design, Website, Camera Operation, Projection, Radio, Broadcasting, Videomaker, Photography, Sound, Advertising and Social Media are part of this ministry.



Day. Daniel Rohde  & Simone Rohde

United in a single thought.

(1 Corinthians 1:10)

Our Mission
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