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A Ministry with the noble function of taking the Gospel of Christ in the simple language of the little ones.

    Children's Ministry is responsible for Christian teaching aimed at children who attend church. Its function is to involve the child in church activities and promote the sharing and living of the Christian life. The values and principles of this ministry are summed up in the great task of teaching the Word of God to children in a language that is easy to understand and according to their age.  

    It is by participating in the Children's Ministry that the child will probably have their first spiritual experiences, in addition to the first biblical teachings that will be kept in their memory and heart, aiming to awaken their interest in following the Christian life.

    Snacks and games aim to create a relaxed, joyful, and great environment for creating relationships, but the "IEADW mini-church" also has teaching, shepherding, evangelism and worship, all with the greatest care, dedication and creativity, so that the little ones are touched and enjoy being in church.  Therefore, the "living room" is not a "deposit" for children who are just painting or playing so that they do not interfere with the service, but an important phase in the process of the development of the Christian journey of the little ones.  

    the Ministry  IEADW Children is committed to this great responsibility and is dedicated to the children also dribbling the challenges of the English language, so it has classes in both languages, according to the needs of the class, to make sure that the Word of God is understood for all.



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Teaching children the way they should walk.

(Proverbs 22:6)

Our Mission
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