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Working for a more welcoming church.

    The first impression is formed in the first few minutes of contact with someone and the Reception ministry is the first ministry to be seen, so it plays a very important role in the church.

    Our mission is to receive, welcome, integrate and intercede. Our intention is that people feel welcomed and integrated by the church. Our desire is to show how much people are welcome and how good it is to have them with us.

    Our goal is to be a ministry that exudes the love of Christ through gestures as simple as a handshake, a hug and a smile. Not just leading people to a seat, but the presence of God in praise and worship and thus presenting Christ in the look, smile, word and deed.

    In addition to welcoming visitors, the objective of this ministry is to know, identify and integrate all those who regularly attend who for some reason are not yet a member of the Church and those who are already members, it aims to help them integrate into some ministry according to the gift received. by the Lord.



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Welcoming everyone to the church.

(Acts 15:4)

Our Mission
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